While the Center for Human Services provides a wide array of services, there may be times when a different provider may better meet your needs. Our screening specialist will be happy to discuss your needs and “point you in the right direction” if you need services from another organization.

24-Hour Crisis Team

The Crisis team provides quick, on-site counseling and evaluation to individuals in crisis situations. Team members travel to all parts of McLean County and function as a mobile crisis unit. The Crisis Team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Team members work closely with law enforcement agencies, emergency room personnel, and other social service agencies. The Team also assesses the need for psychiatric hospitalization. One goal of the program is to intervene, stabilize, and arrange for appropriate services so that unnecessary hospitalization can be avoided.


Child and Adolescent Outreach Services

Children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, or family issues are served through our community-based outreach program. Trained therapists and counselors provide individual and family counseling, group services, advocacy, and case management with the goal of helping youth lead productive, healthy lives. Services are provided in the home, school, and community, and provided throughout McLean County.


Recovery Services

The Recovery Services Program offers adults with mental illness a comprehensive array of services focusing on individual recovery. An individualized treatment plan for recovery is developed with each person receiving services. Services can include classes and activities covering psychiatric rehabilitation, skill development, socialization, and community resource development. Outreach-oriented services which are strengths-based and provided at a variable level of intensity based upon individual needs are used to help a person reach their highest level of functioning. Assistance is provided to build natural supports in the community. All of these services lead to the goal of assisting persons with mental illness to achieve self-sufficiency and maintain community living.


Medical Services

Medical staff are available to provide evaluation and treatment for Center clients in need of psychiatric care. Assistance is given by nursing staff to provide services including medication monitoring and client education.

Eligibility and Fees

A variety of factors determine an individual’s eligibility for services and related payment options. Please call 309-827-5351 to inquire about our services and fees. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Funding for services is provided in part by the IL Department of Human Services. Additional funding is provided via different local, state, and federal sources as well as charitable donations. Insurance and third-party payers will be exhausted before public aid can be applied to services.