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During the month of December, shift from your “wins” of last month to the goals for the coming year.

It has been proven in studies that expressing gratitude is beneficial to our mental health. A study about counting your blessings instead of your burdens found that making a careful and calculated effort to focus on blessings improves multiple outcomes for mental health and overall well-being. For those experiencing a low time in their life or symptoms of depression, it has been proven that making an effort to think about things you are grateful for in your life improves mood.

Interestingly, while most reported that they want to hear gratitude for their work, gratitude is least likely to be shown in the workplace or professional life. Overall, there is a lack of telling each other (or reminding yourself) that your work makes a difference and is appreciated. This is especially a hurdle to overcome if things aren't going well at work when it can be hard to find thankfulness in stressful
situations. Our journeys can get very difficult!

Being grateful doesn't mean glossing over bad things or imagining that hard times won't come around for you; it means that you are purposefully deciding to realize - despite any hard times - that there are still positive things to take a minute and be grateful for. Giving thanks is also not simply doing a favor to
others when you tell or show them that you are grateful. It’s a gift for you! It reminds you that you do have helpful people around you, and you realize things might not be the same if they weren't.

Gratitude is powerful! It’s not just positive reinforcement or praise; it's recognizing others and the role they play in your life. In the workplace, it can show that you realize that success happens because of a team! For the month of December, try this idea: focus on being grateful for your journey and practice an
attitude of gratitude in the New Year - in your personal and professional life!

Everyone’s journey is different, and it’s important to be grateful for the journey.

Published in the December issue of Healthy Cells-Bloomington/Normal.